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Home of the
96 Test Wing, 33rd Fighter Wing, 53rd Wing

Welcome to Eglin AFB, where your temporary duty assignment (TDY) brings you to a vibrant and dynamic community. While many TDY airmen believe they must stay at the on-base lodging, “White Sands,” we’re here to help you discover that there’s a smarter choice in line with the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR). The JTR explicitly authorizes, TDY airmen, to choose off-base lodging even if adequate government quarters are available on the U.S. installation. By opting for off-base accommodations, you can enjoy more comfort, convenience, and value during your stay. Eglin Lodging

The Eglin AFB White Sands Inn

The dated, boring, on-base option

Are you dreading your upcoming TDY to Eglin just because you will have to stay on-base?   While the ”Eglin White Sands Inn” has served its purpose over the years, it’s no secret that the facility is dated, aging, and far from a luxurious stay. Instead of settling for less, the JTR (Joint Travel Regulation) specifically gives you, the military member, the freedom to explore off-base lodging alternatives that cater to your comfort and convenience.

Eglin White Sands Inn

Eglin AFB on-base lodging nightly rates


Nov – Feb
Per Night

$ 154

Mar – May
Per Night

$ 175

Jun – Jul
Per Night

$ 154

Aug- Sep
Per Night

The New, Smart, off-base TDY Lodging Option

Understand your TDY RIGHTS!

The Department of Defense JTR (Joint Travel Regulation) authorizes any TDY Airmen (officer or enlisted) to Stay-Off base

According to the JTR published 11/01/23, page 2-28 (table 2-14), “If adequate government quarters are available on the U.S. installation to which a Service member is assigned TDY, but the Service member chooses to use other lodging, then the Service member is limited to the reimbursement cost of Government quarters on the assigned TDY installation.”

So Why are you staying on-base???

You need the right team working for you


New Line of premium, off-base, TDY/PCS lodging and housing,

available to ALL…

100% reimbursable in DTS

How It Works


Drop us a line with the your TDY dates and location. Make the most of your trip by bringing your family and/or pets. Plus, unlike other websites, our properties are for YOU, and you alone... No roommates, No shared spaces.


We follow the JTR line by line and guarantee your stay with us qualifies in DTS with no out of pocket expense… NO off base approval or non-availability slips required. We charge only the on-base lodging rate.


In addition to a relaxing stay at an amazing property, we include personalize amenities such as weekly cleanings, meal delivery services, gym/golf memberships, and more! YOU pick, all perks are included!

Amenities & Perks

Every reservation with Eglin CrashPads INCLUDES unparalleled perks and amenities customized specifically to YOU, the guest. Examples include meal delivery from Hello Fresh or Whole Foods, bi-weekly cleanings, golf or resort memberships, spa or massage packages, and free paddle boards to keep. Ultimately, it is what you decide… the sky is the limit! Come check out what makes Eglin CrashPads stand out from the rest.


Our customers love to staying with us, just read what they have to say!

I had the pleasure of staying at an Eglin CrashPads property during my recent TDY, and it was an absolute game-changer! After countless frustrating experiences with on-base accommodations – from the dated furniture to the dismal living conditions – I was sick and tired of the poor service.

But then I discovered Eglin CrashPads, and it was a breath of fresh air. Their properties are not only modern and comfortable but also impeccably maintained. The attention to detail was remarkable, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay during my TDY.  The included gift cards and PERKS were a TDY game changer!

If you’re tired of the subpar on-base accommodations and want a top-notch experience during your TDY, I highly recommend Eglin CrashPads. They exceeded my expectations, and I’m grateful for the fantastic stay I had with them.

The Eglin CrashPads Difference

Eglin CrashPads

Eglin CrashPads, powered by its parent website, Fox 3 CrashPads was founded by an Air Force Veteran frustrated by the antiquated, inconvenient, and in-attention to details, provided by Eglin AFB lodging, Hurlburt Field lodging, and Duke Field lodging.  Unfortunately, with the majority of hotels and Airbnbs in the local area catering to tourists, most long term lodging costs are significantly above the reimbursable rate required by the DoD.  Fox 3 CrashPads was founded to fill this gap through exceptional service at a price that is LESS than on-base lodging.

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